WCFA Campus

The Courtyard

Substantial care has been taken to retain the existing vegetation of the place, especially the fully grown trees that dot the campus. The central courtyard is woven around a few of them resulting in an open but shaded place which could transform itself to facilitate various open air activities both academic and leisure.

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The courtyard forms the heart of the campus. The new structures are designed keeping in mind the flexibility of spaces required in a place of learning. The multifunctional amphitheater in the courtyard can host small events and can accommodate about 150.

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Exhibition Space

Adjoining the courtyard is the exhibition space. Students works are exhibited for review by peer group or by visiting parents / guests.  The works are constantly replaced by work completed in different subjects like Design, Construction, History, Theory and study tours.

Architecture Studio Spaces and Classrooms

At WCFA, the quality learning environment studios are wide-open flexible floor plan, with plenty of natural light from the sides. The upper floor studios have skylights. Each studio accommodates desk space for 40 students, with A1 sized drawing table and personal locker space.

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The classrooms has built in projection system for lectures. Each class room hosts 40 students with flip top chairs.

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Material Museum

A repository for various types of building materials – for display and teaching reference for students. The museum constantly updates the exhibits with constant revisions.