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Vidyashankar Ramakrishnan

B. Arch, MCE, Hassan, University of Mysore (1985 – 1990)

Soon after his graduation in 1990, Vidyashankar joined Bengaluru-based Span Designers. Here, Vidyashankar worked on residential and interior projects. He then worked for V K Thyagarajan and Associates, Bengaluru. At this firm, he worked on various architectural projects that brought him the experience of working for the residential and hospitality sectors.

In 1995, Vidyashankar founded his own architectural firm called Design Forum. The firm continues to work on projects ranging from single residences, institutions, apartments, and offices.

As an academician, Vidyashankar has been a visiting faculty member at USD Mysore for many years. He is also a regular visiting juror at multiple architecture schools in Bengaluru. Vidyashankar is also one of the founding members of MASA Design Matters, an active design forum for Bengaluru’s architectural community.