Sandeep Sen

B. Arch, MCE Hassan, University of Mysore (1985-1991)

Sandeep Sen’s 25-year-long career started when Sandeep started working as a junior architect for Raja Aederi in Mumbai. As a junior architect, he would work alongside Bengaluru-based Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects and Interior Designers. He later worked as a project architect, team lead, and director at a number of firms across the country.

In 2011, Sandeep created an independent consultancy called Kerman Sandeep Sen Architects. KSSA’s clients have been MNCs, schools, manufacturers, and more.

Since 2006, Sandeep has also been a visiting faculty and juror at various architecture schools in the country. Sandeep has also been working closely with NIASA for the undergraduate design thesis jury at the National level since 2012.