Anjana Kotamachu

BFA (Sculpture), Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (2011), Rachana Sansad, Mumbai
BA (Psychology), Mumbai University
MSc Phychological Counselling, Sampurna Montford, Bangalore

Anjana Kotamachu has taught creative arts to students at the WCFA for the past seven years. However, there’s much more to this artist than her teaching.

Anjana has completed residency programs at various highly esteemed institutes across the nation and the world. Some of them are Julius Macwan Institute, Mumbai, Sandarbh Changwon Sculpture Biennale Residency, S.Korea, and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council Residency, Switzerland.

A prolific artist who has won many awards from various organisations throughout her career, Anjana has also showcased her solo and group shows in renowned art centres such as Mumbai, New York, Bengaluru, Germany, and New Delhi, and Paris.

Awards & Recognition

Anjana is the recipient of the 2013 INLAKS Award.