History of Architecture Masterclass: Hindu Temple Architecture in South India.


A masterclass on Hindu Temple Architecture in South India is scheduled for the 25th of June, 2022 from 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM. It will focus on the evolution of Temple Architecture in South India from the earliest times. While briefly touching upon the evolution of architecture in the North, the lecture will delve deep into the architectural traditions of the South, also covering regional influences.

Our speaker for the event, S. Jayakumar, wears many hats. He is a performing classical musician, researcher, cultural tourism & social entrepreneur. With a keen interest in researching the fields of classical music, dance and South Indian cultural history, Jayakumar has been a faculty member and resource person for various institutions and organisations over the decade. His academic motivation also manifests in the many talks and lecture demonstrations he has presented at different venues. With unwavering faith that a better understanding of the past is what will increase our chances of a better future, Jayakumar founded “Courtyard Tours”, a travel company that is centered around culture, and “Prastara”, an NGO that works towards the conservation and preservation of Indian heritage.

This masterclass is open to all students and faculty of WCFA.