Master Class by Ar.Ruturaj Parikh on 10.11.2018

If an architect’s greatest tools are drawings and images, where does writing come into the picture? In an extremely thought-provoking lecture, curated sections from 10 significant books which cut across a wide cross-section of what one might refer to as architectural writing, were presented before the audience. The books ranged from catalogues of landmark exhibitions held in post-independence India (Vistāra – The Architecture of India, Catalogue of the works of Dashrath Patel), the relationship between artistic thought and manifestation (Bruno Munari’s Design as Art) collected essays and monographs (the works of B.V Doshi, Charles Correa & Bijoy Jain, among others) to transcendental classics such as Peter Zumthor’s Thinking Architecture. Each of the excerpts brilliantly illustrated the manifold purposes that writing serves in the creative process – to clarify thought, to provoke response, to subvert existing structures, to frame critical questions for the self. In an era where we are inundated by relentless imagery from all quarters, writing provides an essential stop-gap, a chance to pause and reflect on one’s own work and place in the world.