B. Arch, SAP , Anna University, Chennai (2007 – 2012)

Assistant Professor

After his B. Arch., Chinchu Kumar worked as Associate Architect with Rahul Mehrotra (RMA Architects ) Mumbai for two years.

Chinchu is also a Self Taught Artist. He has many art shows to his credit both individual and group events. Few are listed below :
2014 Traps for Troubadours, Clarke House Initiatives, Bombay + Kadist foundation paris.
2014 Participatory work with Artist Prajatka Potnis in Art Chennai, Chennai.
2014 kanaph _ performance
2015 “ red mountains “ _ site specific work
2017 Between landscape

Chinchu Kumar has been a Visiting faculty at college of architecture , Trivandrum. He has also been Thesis Guide for many students.