Mysuru is a city with stimulating experiences of both urban and rural milieu. The cultural and historical backdrop lends an opportunity for the student to explore architecture in varied contexts. Such an environment allows sensitive assimilation of diverse factors that influence design, encourages original thinking and leads to indigenous expression.

Geographically, Mysuru city is of the size that spares long commutes and offers the students to dedicate quality time to fully engage in education with enough time to spare for extracurricular activities ensuring all-round development.

The campus is situated in the heart of Mysuru city, a short walk away from Ramaswamy circle, next to the City Courts. Set in the heritage area of the city bordering the Mysore University campus, the College is surrounded by residential areas of Saraswathipuram, Kuvempu Nagar and Chamarajpuram. Boarding establishments are within 100 metres from the campus. The city railway station is less than 2 km from the campus.

Situated on a 2 Acre land, the lush green campus includes two heritage structures integrated harmoniously with newly built facilities. While the heritage buildings contain the library and administrative areas, the academic spaces are housed in the newly built structures. The facilities are set in a manner that, the natural environment is preserved and the space is seamlessly integrating with the landscape that forms the heart of the place.

HERITAGE BUILDING - II - Administration Block


The College is well equipped with facilities like Lecture Halls, Studios, Library, Computer Labs, Workshop, Exhibition Hall, Material Museum, etc., exceeding the norms of the University and the Council of Architecture.

The Courtyard

The courtyard forms the heart of the campus. The new structures are designed keeping in mind the flexibility of spaces required in a place of learning. The multi functional amphitheater in the courtyard can host small events and can accommodate about 150.

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Substantial care has been taken to retain the existing vegetation of the place, especially the fully grown trees that dot the campus. The central courtyard is woven around a few of them resulting in an open but shaded place which could transform itself to facilitate various open air activities both academic and leisure.

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Lecture Hall

The classrooms have built in projection system for lectures. Each class room hosts 40 students with flip top chairs.


At WCFA, the quality learning environment studios are wide-open flexible floor plan, with plenty of natural light from the sides. The upper floor studios have skylights. Each studio accommodates desk space for 40 students, with A1 sized drawing table and personal locker space.

Computer Lab

Computers for every student in the class with choice of software and internet connectivity.

Exhibition Space

Material Museum

A repository for various types of building materials – for display and teaching reference for students. The museum constantly updates the exhibits with constant revisions.


There are times in everyone’s life when we experience difficulties that cannot be sorted out on our own. At these times, people close to us, often, provide the guidance we need.  However, some issues may be difficult and embarrassing to share with friends, family or tutors. To avoid things from getting bad, at WCFA, professional help is at hand.

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Ms. Asha Ponikiewka is a Bangalore based Expressive Arts Therapist with a Certificate from Studio for Movement and Art Therapy, Bangalore. She believes in the power of various forms of art (visual arts, expressive writing, movement and drama) as means to tap into our unexpressed deeper feelings and thoughts.
Asha believes that therapy is for anyone who would like to explore more efficient and holistic ways of living; feels the need to be supported in trying
moments; is dealing with some difficult emotions, decisions, thoughts.

As a therapist she worked with individual child and adult clients as well as special needs population, she also run therapy groups for parents of children with ASD.

Ms. Asha Ponikiewka will be available at WCFA, once in a  month during the semester for consultation.  Students, faculty and administration staff, who wish to consult, can please register in the counselling directory at WCFA Admin Office.

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WCFA is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of health and safety of students and staff. WCFA is looking towards implementing an effective Health and Safety Management System.

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The HSMS team is lead by the school Administrator and supported by the Principal. The other members of the Safety Team are staff and students volunteers.

Following measures are undertaken for effective HSMS

  • Group Health Insurance with reputed agency for cashless transaction at hospitals.
  • Incident Reporting
  • First Aid Training to HSMS team and volunteers in the campus
  • Quick response to shift the injured to hospital
  • CPR Training to HSMS Team and volunteers (by doctors from our support hospitals)
  • Periodic  audit of electrical points
  • Periodic Safety Drill
  • Security (The campus is completely under surveillance) and has competent security staff (outsourced professional agency) manning the premises round the clock.
  • Clean drinking water (The campus provides for RO + UV coolers)


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