Research methods

This course provides an Introduction to research in architecture – its significance, research design, types of research, literature study, methods of research in architecture (interviewing / visual methods / content analysis); data documentation and analysis, introduction to statistics, presenting the data and reporting the research. It intends to increase the student’s understanding of the role of research in architecture, Increase…

Architectural Writing and journalism

This course aims to introduce writing on architecture as a method to study and interpret the built environment through analysis, criticism and review. The course shall equip the students with the fundamentals, relevant skills and techniques of various genres of architectural writing and journalism.

Craft in Architecture

The objective of the course is to inculcate awareness of rich traditions of Architectural craft, Ways of imagining the potential of existing systems, to broaden the mind beyond available construction systems and to explore possibilities in Crafting of Architecture. The course methodology include lecture sessions, case studies, discussions, research, field trips, Interaction with Craftsmen to understand the function, material and…

Geographical information System

Geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analysing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. The course is intend to provide students with a foundation for basic GIS techniques which are relevant to architectural analysis and Presentation. The elective is intended to establish a bridge between the conceptual realms – Architecture /Site -Terrain Analysis/…

Culture and Built Environment

Culture is a major attribute of humans with deep evolutionary roots. It has an important role in fostering economic, social and environmental dimensions of development. This elective course explores to gather insight into cultural identity, the nature of culture as it relates to the physical environments and how people shape environments, use them and interact with them. It intends to…

Architectural Photography

This course intents to impart the skills of taking aesthetically appealing and creative architectural photographs through the use of appropriate cameras/ lenses and lighting conditions. It includes an introduction to architectural photography, Various types of compositions framing, silhouette photography. It also covers the Architectural photography as a profession, and the laws on photography.

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