Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA) is a College of Architecture located in the heart of Mysuru, the city long renowned as a centre for education. WCFA offers Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree course which is for a duration of 5 years.

The college is recognised by the ‘Council of Architecture’ New Delhi and is affiliated to ‘Visveswaraya Technological University’, Belgaum, Karnataka State.

The College is owned and managed by a team of practicing Architects and Consulting Engineers in collaboration with Educationalists who have established the country’s earliest educational institutions.

WCFA is a center for learning, providing wholesome environment and best resources to enable and empower students to emerge as sensitive and responsible Architects, contributing to creating an enriched built environment for the nation.

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WCFA is a college of “Experiential Learning”. The curriculum is intelligently crafted to be learnt through a process of practical exploration. WCFA provides the students, rare and unique opportunity to learn straight from accomplished mentors, their expertise, which will broaden their perspective and deepen their understanding of the subject.

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“Humans, being endowed with the faculty of thought, reasoning and the attribute of emotion, have always strived since time immemorial to find an expression that defines their sphere of existence.
This sense of identity is strongly influenced by the immediate milieu of the time and place they find themselves in. A journey of exploration therein, culminates in a stream of expressions in all realms of human experience.”

WCFA is guided by an ideology that allows the student to emerge with a complete education in Architecture along with a deep-rooted knowledge of one’s own surroundings, social awareness, and grounding in cultural heritage, resulting in professionals who would be responsible leaders with ethical practice.

The task of Architecture is the creation of human environment. At WCFA, we adopt a pluralistic approach to teaching architecture that includes both theoretical and empirical approaches. Students have opportunities to become instinctively conscious in their understanding of the built environment through realisation of values, culture, technology and social behaviour.

The future of work practice is tending towards a rich scenario of diverse viewpoints and of collaboration. The student consciously is at times an individual and many a times, a collaborator in a group. The environs at WCFA allow the nurturing of the student to find their unique expression of thought leading to knowledge and action.

Beyond the university’s curriculum, WCFA offers opportunities through learning and pragmatic exploration of interrelated fields like music, dance, drama, literature, creative arts, political science, philosophy, economics and physical activities.


Wadiyar Centre for Architecture is a collaborative initiative of Design Foster Trust (DF), a trust formed by Architects and Engineers and Sri Jayachamaraja Urs Education Trust (SJUET), pioneers in the field of education in Karnataka.The common objective to offer quality education and to nurture responsible professionals brought the two trusts together to establish the College.


Design Foster is a public charitable trust, conceived and nurtured by 10 Practicing Architects and a Structural Engineer, who share a passion for academics.

Architecture is perceived as a sophisticated profession for the affluent. Design Foster aims to disperse the myth and bring closer, the knowledge, profession and the common people by facilitating interactions and setting up resource centres. Design Foster endeavours to foster socially relevant architecture by assisting communities to construct modern and relevant built environments orientated to the future. Design Foster through WCFA endeavours to impart quality education based on values, nurturing architects to responsibly shape relevant and enriched built environment.

The Trust in addition to instilling strong academic values in students also focuses on building capacity among the existing teaching fraternity. Wadiyar Centre for Architecture is the first step of Design Foster trust towards this objective.

Sri Jayachamaraja Ursu Education Trust (SJUET) was established in 1957 by His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur. The trust was primarily established for the promotion of education of boys and girls of the Ursu community, along with the children from other communities. The Trust endeavors to contribute to nation building by imparting quality education to the people, particularly the women. The Patron of SJUET is Her Highness Smt. Dr. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar and the President is His Highness Sri. Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.