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Architecture stands at the intersection of multiple disciplines. It’s an art that’s influenced and shaped by everything from philosophy to technology. The Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA) takes a multidisciplinary approach to architecture to encourage holistic architectural resolutions through interdisciplinary processes.

About WCFA

Future shapers

In the foreword to a book named “Architects of the Third World,” Charles Correa writes, “At its most vital, architecture is an agent of change. To invent tomorrow; that is its finest function.” At the Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA), we see our students as the agents of change, future-shapers who are free to embrace multidisciplinary methods to do so. We take pride in our unrestrained approach that encourages exploration of every aspect of the time-space-design continuum.

Meet the team

WCFA is owned and run by a stellar team of professionals comprising architects, engineers and educationists. Recognised by the ‘Council of Architecture’, New Delhi, and affiliated to the ‘Visvesvaraya Technological University’, Belgaum, WCFA was formed in 2015 as a collaboration with Design Foundation for Study, Education and Research ( Design Foster ), a charitable trust formed by architects and engineers, along with the Sri Jayachamaraja Ursu Education Trust, who have pioneered some of Mysore’s most well-known institutions.

A diverse space

WCFA is a space that encourages learning through a confluence of cultures, ideas, and art. For this reason, we attract a diverse cross-section of talent, from the artistically gifted to the technically adept. We impart learning through our accomplished faculty in-house, as well as visiting academicians, design critics, and educators from all over India.

Mysuru, a learning hub

Mysuru has long been acknowledged as the cultural capital of Karnataka and a hub of learning since the 15th century, when the rule of the Wadiyars began. We are located right at the heart of this illustrious city. We have opened our gates to continue that strong educational legacy of Mysuru and welcome anyone with curious, inquiring minds.


WCFA’s mission is to enable and empower students to shape themselves as responsible Architects who contribute to the society and the world at large. To this end, we adopt a pluralistic approach that fosters holistic learning by including both theory and practice. It’s an approach that also nurtures collaboration among students, encouraging them to embrace ‘me’ as well as ‘we’ in the same space.

An enriching environment like this forms the foundation for original thinking and innovative ideas. We help sustain this flow of creativity by going beyond the curriculum and organising learning programs like Workshops, Masterclasses and Expert Lectures where students get unique opportunities to meet and work with renowned masters from related fields. It’s how WCFA provides a space for experiential learning, where students find their creative identities and emerge with a complete education in Architecture along with a deep-rooted knowledge of one’s own surroundings, social awareness, and grounding in cultural heritage, resulting in ethical, responsible professionals.


Wadiyar Centre for Architecture is a collaborative initiative of Design Foster Trust (DF), a trust formed by Architects and Engineers and Sri Jayachamaraja Urs Education Trust (SJUET), pioneers in the field of education in Karnataka.The common objective to offer quality education and to nurture responsible professionals brought the two trusts together to establish the College.

Design Foundation for Study, Education and Research

Design Foster is a public charitable trust, conceived and nurtured by 10 Practicing Architects and a Structural Engineer, who share a passion for academics.

Architecture is perceived as a sophisticated profession for the affluent. Design Foster aims to disperse the myth and bring closer, the knowledge, profession and the common people by facilitating interactions and setting up resource centres. Design Foster endeavours to foster socially relevant architecture by assisting communities to construct modern and relevant built environments orientated to the future. Design Foster through WCFA endeavours to impart quality education based on values, nurturing architects to responsibly shape relevant and enriched built environment.

The Trust in addition to instilling strong academic values in students also focuses on building capacity among the existing teaching fraternity. Wadiyar Centre for Architecture is the first step of Design Foster trust towards this objective.

Sri Jayachamaraja Ursu Education Trust

Sri Jayachamaraja Ursu Education Trust (SJUET) was established in 1957 by His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur. The trust was primarily established for the promotion of education of boys and girls of the Ursu community, along with the children from other communities. The Trust endeavors to contribute to nation building by imparting quality education to the people, particularly the women. The Patron of SJUET is Her Highness Smt. Dr. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar and the President is His Highness Sri. Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.