“The thing about architecture is that you cannot teach it. You can learn it, but you cannot teach it. And a good school is a school which makes you passionate about architecture and that teaches you how to ask questions. If you know how to ask the right questions, you will develop your own philosophy and your own visual vocabulary.”

Charles Correa
Master Architect, Urban Planner and Activist

Architecture is a creative discipline. An art, shaped by many criteria and influences, both subtle and obvious, from philosophy to technology. Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA) subscribes to a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject and encourages architectural resolution through inter-disciplinary process.

WCFA is envisaged as a space for “Experiential Learning”. A place for the students to discover their passion for architecture and their creative identity, through sustained inquiry. The college fosters learning through engagement, exploration and discoveries.

Run by practicing architects, consulting engineers and passionate educationalists, WCFA strives to expose the students to the many influences and viewpoints that shape architecture. The college is not biased to a school of thought. However, in the course of learning, endeavours to generate original thinking.

WCFA is a place for learning. The college is committed to providing the best learning environment, necessary resources and passionate faculty to elicit the process of learning. The college provides opportunity and encourages the students to engage in recognizing their creative abilities. It also promotes the students to discover their identity and expression, through sustained inquiry, dialogue and discovery. To enable the process, WCFA organizes value added learning programs like Skill Workshops, Master Class and Expert Lectures where, the students get the rare and unique opportunity to meet, converse and work with renowned masters from related fields.

The aim of WCFA is to enable and empower students in the best possible manner, to shape themselves as valuable and responsible Architects who contribute to the society and world at large.

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