Art of research
Master Class by Soumini Raja

In a world which is continuously transforming the roles of an architect, research becomes an important tool to survive and explore the various possibilities of the profession. We architects, often think that our world is better when designed; there is research in design. There is research in every decision we make in our life, be it motorcycle maintenance (Courtesy: Robert M. Pirsig) or deciding on the aesthetics of a window at a corner shop. The session intends to engage in a dialogue with students to facilitate discussions on role of research in the field of architecture and urban discourse.

The masterclass conducted by Dr Soumini Raja on 26th October, 2017 on ‘Art of research’ introduced the importance and various approaches to research. This led to an interesting dialogue with the students where she cited an example of her own research work on ‘Human vulnerability to disaster in coastal areas’. She also explained her practice ‘Studio Commune’, as an approach to design through interesting initiatives like city walks and B-Organ (a platform for donating building materials and parts).