B. Arch, Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture, Mumbai  (1998 – 2003)
P.G. (Construction Management) NICMAR, Pune

Assistant Professor

Having practiced under various Architects in Mumbai, she worked for three years with Kanvinde Rai and Chowdhury Architects, New Delhi, where she worked on projects such as extensions in IIT Kanpur, Diary plant at IMT Haryana, IIT at Jabalpur, etc., Anjali worked with L&T ECC at New Delhi for another three years, working on a range of projects such as IGI Airport works and Housing projects for Lucknow Development Authority.

In Mysuru, she is a partner at Sunil Nayak Associates. The firm handles residential projects in and around Mysuru.

Anjali moved onto Academics in 2012, working with Invertis University, Bareilly and University School of Design, Mysore.