Collaborative Studio 2018

Connected Collaborations – Intent


This agenda is set up by a group of about 50 architects and 1000 students from four schools of architecture in India. These schools have emerged between 2010 and 2015 and what distinguishes them is that all four of them have been started by a group of architects. They have come together to not only share resources but also to articulate and execute a relevance in the education of architecture. There are broadly five agenda points around which they have agreed:

  1. Orient towards an interest and designing of Everyday
  2. Focus on Participation than on control in the process of design
  3. Rearticulate the language, methods, knowledge and tools for architectural production
  4. Develop frameworks for multiplicity in ideologies, methodologies and capacities
  5. Strive towards creating an academic space for students and teachers, which becomes a catalyst for generating a cultural ecosystem for the discipline and society


The four schools involved in this team:

Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysuru

Avani Institute of Design, Calicut

School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai

CARE School of Architecture, Trichy


Design Workshop


The initial attempt at this collaboration is to engage in a design workshop at the respective colleges. As part of an exchange, six Semester 4 students from each college participated in the other 3 colleges for a period of 2 weeks. The theme for this design workshop was ‘Architecture for Care’. Each college would interpret the larger theme in the context of their own studio agenda.


WCFA Intent

The role of Connectedness in housing

How can connectedness bring about Architecture?

The built environment is universally organised by the Community, culture and climate. Interaction between people and form they inhabit uniquely defines (our relationship with built form) our built environment (habitat). The habitat aptly defines the living conditions in which we live, work and the way we connect to people. The CCS Intends to study and examine an area as the common ground in which form and place making are rooted and Understand connectedness(Physical, social and emotional connectedness) in architecture that helps in deriving design methodology.

The studio intends to evolve design parameters for a specific program and context where in students are exposed to concepts/ ideas (role of time and space) and to its physical manifestations in a tropical climate.


The Class is divided into group of 3, each group is given a specific task to document/ examine (findings) and arrive at a Proposal

Week 1 (04Feb – 09Feb) – Observation, Documentation of the context by sketches, Diagrams and Notes

Week 2 (11Feb – 15Feb) – Ideation, Synthesis and Design Exploration

Exhibition of works  – 16 Feb