People are the most valuable resource of WCFA. The teaching faculty of WCFA consists of a group of Architecture educators, Artists, Urbanists, Social Anthropologists, Planners, Conservationists, Structural Engineers, Interior Designers, Writers, Theorists and Photographers, in addition to many practicing Architects who are passionate academicians and research enthusiasts.

The multi-disciplinary background of the faculty not only helps the students to perceive design through diverse viewpoints but also enables them to approach design comprehensively. The faculty members are encouraged to engage in architectural practice through the Design Cell of the College and also pursue research, which will bring practical and explorative orientation to teaching. The faculty is encouraged to bring integrated design methodology into their tuition. Academic discussions are encouraged between the faculty and also between the students across the classes to make learning a way of life on campus.


Academic ethos of Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysuru


Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA) is one of the few institutions in the country set up by a Trust founded and managed by Architects. The College is born out of passion to contribute to the fraternity and the architectural discipline at large. The institution is preceded by a history of collective thinking & discussions on Architecture and Architectural Education among the founders and the fraternity that has influenced the methodology of knowledge transfer in the College. Some of the accomplished members of the fraternity have magnanimously accepted to be in various advisory capacities like the Academic Council that guides the Academic agenda of the College.We accept that the ethos will also evolve over time with social change and with the institution gaining wisdom through practical experience.

Core Ethos: ‘IDENTITY Rooted in Context’

WCFA believes strongly and encourages all its stakeholders to Look Within and discover the sense of who one really is & can be, as an architect in India, as academicians and as an Institution. Through experience and deliberations, the members recognise that in today’s global scenario, it is only, ‘THE TRULY LOCAL’ work, rooted and committed to a specific context that relates effectively.

The key academic objectives of WCFA are to build the

  • Architect as a Craftsperson: looking at inherent local strengths & inclinations
  • Architect engaging with the real & practical issues of Society around us

This would necessitate a style of working moving clearly between:

  • Hands-on & practical engagement with a particular place / material
  • Critical assessment looking at different parameters & overall context

Key Implementation Aspects in Pedagogy:

  • Developing Liberal & Critical thinking
    • Exposure to variety of contexts & disciplines, encouraging to develop ‘positions’
    • Isolating a Design Issue and Evolving a narrative / story around it that leads Design
    • Method: Study, Observe, Distil, Write and Discuss writings to bring out approaches
    • Encourage DIVERSITY towards ‘possibilities’, hence giving WCFA & students AGILITY
  • Equal importance to all subjects (not predominance of Space Design) – as an attitude by faculty – with emphasis on the practicality of each of them, encouraged by making / doing
  • Primacy of Settlement Studies / Survey and locating the Design Opportunity in the Settlement as per the local needs, increasing in size/complexity with the maturity / ability of student
  • Allow for intuitive exploration and guide / inquire post-facto,rather than base on instruction or rely excessively on teacher discussion and inclination
  • Develop Faculty Strengths in distinct Streams of Subjects – Aesthetics & Skill-based, Thinking-based, Technology-based and Design (putting together)-based, encouraging Research while constantly stimulating with invited external expertise


Academic Council is the advisory board of accomplished architects from both practice and academics who evaluate and guide the process of knowledge transfer in the college. The council meets the faculty twice a semester. Members also participate in the faculty training program.

Ar. Girish Karnawat

Dip in Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad
Principal, GDK Designs, Mangalore

Ar. Bijoy Ramachandran

B Arch, Bangalore University
M Arch, MIT Cambridge
Partner, Hundred Hands, Bangalore

Dr. Meghal Arya

B.Arch, CEPT Ahmedabad
M.Arch, Georgia Tech, Atlanta
Doctorate, CEPT Ahmedabad
Partner, Arya Architects, Ahmedabad
Associate Professor, CEPT Ahmedabad

Ar. Soumitro Ghosh

Dip in Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad
Partner, Mathew and Ghosh, Bangalore

WCFA Faculty

Design chair & Professor

In 1975, he joined Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects, Bangalore, where he worked till 1977. During his time in C&T, he worked on the corporate HQ of Vijaya Bank and CMTI in Bangalore and Triton Valves at Mysore.

Prashant G Pole
Design chair & Professor

From 1989 onwards he was associated with Naksha Architects, Bangalore, where he worked till 1994. During this tenure he worked on various Architectural and Interior Projects.

Anand Krishnamurthy
Director & Professor

Anand worked at Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects, Bangalore from 1992 to 1999, on various Architectural and Interior Projects. For two years in this period, Anand directed the Architectural works at the C&T office in Muscat, Oman.

Nagesh H D
Principal & Professor

In 2001, he joined C-EARTH Pvt Ltd, Calicut, where he worked till 2006. During his stint in C-EARTH Pvt Ltd , he worked on various Architectural, Heritage Conservation and Urban Design Projects.

He worked as an Urban Designer in Dubai at Amar Consult, Parsons – Harland Bartholomew Associates & at Dubai Municipality as a Senior Planner on various Urban Design & Urban Planning projects including the Structure Plan of Dubai.

Anand Prakash
Adjunct Faculty

Anand joined Naksha Architects,Bangalore, in 1988 and worked upto 1993.At Naksha, he worked on various architectural projects, that included Apartments and Industrial Buildings, among other projects.

B L Manjunath
Associate Professor (Structural)

He studied Master of Engineering (Civil)in Bangalore at University Vishveshwariah College Of Engineering( 1985). In 1985, he joined Umesh B Rao & Co, Bangalore, where he worked till 1994 as senior design Engineer.

Vidyashankar Ramakrishnan
Adjunct Faculty

In 1991, he joined Span Designers, Bangalore, where he worked for a year. During this period, he worked on various residential and interior projects, and was involved in co-ordination of projects.

Ryan Thomas
Adjunct Faculty

He worked with Naksha architects, Bangalore from 1998 to 2000. His association with Genesis architects, Bangalore commenced in 2000 where he worked till 2006.

Kukke Subramanya
Adjunct Faculty

In 1993, he joined Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects, Bangalore, where he worked till 1998. During his stint in C&T, he worked on various Architectural and Interior Projects.

Manoj Ladhad
Adjunct Faculty

Trained and Worked (1994 – 1996) with V.K.Giridhar Architects, Bangalore.
Worked as freelance association with Jaspreet and Sagar Shetty, Bangalore.

Dyan Belliappa

Dyan Belliappa, studied Architecture at REC Nagpur(1985-90) & Urban Planning at CEPT, Ahmedabad ( 1990-92).Dyan has been teaching for many years at MCE, Hassan

R Kiran Kumar
Associate Professor

R Kiran Kumar, studied Architecture at University School of Design , Mysore, University of Mysore (2003-08) and completed his Master’s in Architecture (Theory and Design) at CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Julie Ann Tharakan
Assistant Professor

Julie Ann Tharakan, studied Architecture at University School of Design , Mysore, University of Mysore (2005-10) & completed her Masters of Arts program in Social Anthropology from IGNOU campus program.

Anjali Sharma
Assistant Professor

Anjali Sharma, studied Architecture at Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture, Mumbai (1998 – 2003) with honors and completed her P G Program in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune.

Nayantara Harindranath
Assistant Professor

Nayantara Harindranath, studied Architecture at University School of Design , Mysore, University of Mysore and completed her Master’s in Building Engineering and Management from SPA, N Delhi.

Kavana Kumar
Assistant Professor

Kavana Kumar, studied Architecture at U S D, Mysore, University of Mysore (2008-13). She worked with Design Cooperative, Mumbai, Archohm Consult, N Delhi and Funktion Design, Bengaluru.

Anna Cherian
Assistant Professor

Anna graduated from USD, Mysuru in 2013. Having worked in HundredHands, Bengaluru for a couple of years, Anna completed her Master’s in Interior Design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Krishnapriya Rajshekar
Assistant Professor

She completed her undergraduate studies from USD, Mysore in 2014 and Master’s in Architecture from CEPT University in 2017, majoring in History, Theory and Criticism. KP has worked as an Assistant Professor at MSA, Mysuru in 2017-18.

Pallavi Dhomse
Assistant Professor

Pallavi studied Architecture at B.K.P.S. college of Architecture, University of Pune (2006-11) & completed her Masters in Landscape architecture from C.E.P.T. University, Ahmedabad

Chinchu Kumar Sreekandan
Adjunct Faculty

Chinchu kumar studied Architecture at SAP , Anna university, Chennai, First class (2007-12) and he is also a Self Taught Artist. He worked as Associate Architect with Rahul Mehrotra(RMA Architects ) Mumbai.

Shreyas Baindur
Assistant Professor

Shreyas studied and completed B.Arch. at RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru in 2010. Further, he worked for Studio Mumbai and Total Environment Building Solutions. He did his Masters in History, Theory and Criticism from CEPT University in 2016.

Anjali Cheriyath
Assistant Professor

Anjali completed Architecture in Dept. of Architecture, Govt. Engg. College, Thrissur in 2011 and Master’s in Conservation from SPA, Delhi in 2014. With 3 years at MES College, Kerala and 1 year at Ramaiah College, Bengaluru, she now joins WCFA.

Namrata Toraskar
Assistant Professor

Namrata finished her undergraduate studies in architecture from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai in 2014 and Masters in Interior Architecture and Design, majoring in Crafts & Technology from CEPT University(2019).

Varun Thautam
Adjunct Faculty

Varun finished his undergraduate studies in architecture from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in 2008 and Masters in IUrban design and Housing, McGill University, Montreal(2012).

Thyagarajan C
Adjunct Faculty

Thyagarajan completed his undergraduate studies in architecture at Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi (2004-2009). He has earned his master’s degree in Architecture from politectnico di Milano in Milan

Gregory M Anto
Adjunct Faculty

Gregory Anto completed his undergraduate studies in architecture at S I T, Tumkur (2008-13). During this time, his interest in transportation led to his thesis exploration of an intermodal interchange.

Akash Rai
Adjunct Faculty

Akash, studied Architecture at Siddaganga institute of technology, Tumkur (2008 – 13). He did his training at Ochre Architects, Bengaluru. He worked as assistant architect under Ar. H. D. Nagesh, Mysore.

Sandeep Sen
Adjunct Faculty

Sandeep graduated from Mysore University(1991 batch) and has professional experience of 25 years. He had worked under many well known architects like Charles Correa, Chjandavarkar and others. In this period of time, he handled range of projects as Senior architect, Team leader, Project Manager and Director (Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects & Interior designers Bangalore).

Anand Chalawadi
Adjunct Faculty

Anand worked for four years in Naksha Architects(1995-99), Bangalore after graduating from Malnad College of Engineering, University of Mysore. Then he has worked as Principal architect of many national and international project with WS Atkins, International & co, Muscat, JURONG Consultants India Pvt Ltd and others.

Rajesh Kumar Jain
Adjunct Faculty

Rajesh Jain, studied Architecture at MCE, Hassan (1996-2001). He is an exponent on low energy environmental friendly construction methods. He has been a visiting faculty in Architecture since 2005.

KV Sanjay Kumar
Adjunct Faculty

Sanjay Kumar, studied Architecture at Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture , Hyderabad (2007-12). He was teaching as Assistant Faculty for DTDP at JNAFAU, Hyderabad

Harsha Nayak
Adjunct Faculty

Harsha Studied Architecture at MCE,Hassan in the Malnad region which has great countryside as an inspiration. Photography,Music, Travel & Observations from our daily lives keeps him inspired and charged to introduce interesting sensibilities in the architecture practiced.

Ritwik Shwetaketu
Adjunct Faculty

Ritwik completed his B. Arch at University School of Design,Mysore(2004-09). As senior architect at Cadence Architects, Bengaluru Ritwik handled wide-ranging list of mulit-faceted projects. he also has taken part in international competitions and govt. projects.

Devaraj N
Adjunct Faculty (Civil)

Devaraj N completed BE Civil from BIT, Bangalore University in 1985. He has worked in various Architecture and Product Design firms such Tessaract Designs, V K Giridhar and Rathi Associates.

Manjunatha R
Assistant Professor (Structural)

Manjunatha R , Graduated Bachelor in Civil Engineering and M.Tech in Structural Engineering from VTU-PG Centre Mysore(2012-2014).Worked as a senior site engineer in the BNPM Project.

Sneha S D
Assistant Professor (Structural)

Sneha studied Civil Engineering at P.E.S College Of Engineering, Mandya and completed her M. Tech. in Structural Engineering from National Institute of Engineering college, Mysuru.

Srilakshmi H.S.
Teaching Assistant

Srilakshmi completed her Civil Engineering  from Cauvery Institute of technology, Mandya in 2018. Her thesis was Experimental study on replacement of coarse aggregate by rubber chips in concrete mix.

Anjana Kotamachu
Adjunct Faculty (Art)

Anjana Kotamachu, studied Fine Arts ( Sculpture ) from Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts ( 2011 ), Rachana Sansad, Mumbai. She also has a Bachelor of Psychology from Mumbai University.

Pavan Kikkeri
Adjunct Faculty (Art)

Pavan Kikkeri, studied fine arts (painting) from CAVA, University of
Mysore (2014), Mysore. Pavan has been part of various National workshops and art programs.

Anil Chandran.P
Adjunct Faculty

Anil did BFA in Sculpture and MFA in Painting from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Art, Mysore and was also teaching Visual Arts in Adhiyamaan Engineering College for one academic year 2011-2012

Sujan Ghosh
Adjunct Faculty

Sujan did his BFA (Painting) and MFA(Sculpture) at CAVA,Mysore. He worked as a 3-D Animator at Paprikaas Studio and he was a Guest Faculty at University School Of Design, Mysore

Suchender. P
Adjunct Faculty

Suchender did his BFA in Painting at CAVA, Mysore. He has organised many Exhibitions, painting camps and Sculpture camps at many well known Galleries in Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore and other cities.