18 May 2017


People are WCFA greatest resource. The Architecture faculty at WCFA is made up of a distinct group of practicing architects and academics with research interests. 

"Look Within" Academic Ethos of Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysuru

18 May 2017

Wadiyar Centre for Architecture (WCFA), Mysuru might be a unique institution in having nearly all its Trustees as professional architects. WCFA is born out of deep and commonly shared desire and set of beliefs among its founders. There is a history of thinking & discussing architecture and implications for its teaching among them and other like-minded associates (now the Trustees and Academic Council respectively); and this document has emerged purely as a distillation of the discussions to date. While put on paper for the record, it is recognized that an ethos also builds / evolves over time with social change & institutional experience.

Academic Council

18 May 2017

The Academic Council is an invited panel of Architects and Academicians.  The Academic Council constitute highly qualified Professionals and Academicians, who bring with them years of Architectural Practice and Teaching experience. They bring in methods that are a combination of theoretical and  practical real world experiences.