Architectural design-05 | Tsunami Museum

This studio was based on the Related Study Programme at Pondicherry. The students engaged themselves in a pre-trip study before the trip to be informed about Pondicherry. The main design task was a Tsunami museum on the East Boulevard Street that adjoins the sea. At site, they interacted with the locals, tourists and ashramites and also found more about the various layers that make a city unique. The studio was conducted to get the students to develop their own thinking and design processes to develop their design. The intent of the studio is to perceive ‘museum’ as a catalyst for the public space. The public space becomes the framework in which the program will be exercised. The concept of the museum revolves around the idea of Tsunami. The museum is broadly divided into three galleries. The premise was also to articulate the multiple layers of Pondicherry – Pre Independent, Colonial Rule and Post Independent era. The site selected on the promenade prominently reinforces the idea that it is an extension to the already exiting and vibrant public space.




Architectural design-06 | Hostel Design

Aanchal Jain

Sharvani M Jain

Varun Michael Pais

Ishwara Sandesh

Tanusha M Murthy

Tushar Shinde

Architectural design-06 | Art School

Sanjith Raaju